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South Arkansas Community College’s Healthcare Forum Demonstrates the College’s Proactive Approach to Meeting Industry Needs

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“Today’s session is about listening and learning from you as healthcare leaders,” stated Bob LePage, CG Senior Vice President and forum facilitator, at the recent healthcare industry forum hosted by South Arkansas Community College (SouthArk) and its foundation board.

The forum was designed to seek feedback, from the nearly 50 area healthcare professionals in attendance, regarding both current and future challenges for the industry as well as changes in regional healthcare demands. “Our idea is to be proactive and let you tell us what it is you need from us,” Dr. George Roberts, SouthArk’s dean of health and natural sciences said, noting that such dialogues are a necessity if success is to be achieved by both the educational and professional arms of the healthcare industry.

Shirley White, the director of human resources at Ashley County Medical Center in Crossett, told SouthArk representatives that the college is doing a superlative job at educating its health-sciences students. “I’ve learned from the past that you do listen,” she said in the meeting. “Keep up the good work, please.” White’s compliments were echoed by other healthcare professionals who were represented, ranging from optometrists to respiratory therapists.

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July 2009