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KCTCS’ Workforce Solutions:  Providing Real Opportunities for Real People

Kentucky’s workforce is in transition.  The Kentucky Department for Workforce Investment Occupational Outlook, indicates that by 2014 Kentucky’s workforce-age population will decline by seven percent, while the 65-and-older population will increase more than 64 percent.  This means a loss of approximately 100,000 workers.  The majority of the jobs and careers these workers will leave behind require specialized training.  Fortunately, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) is poised to provide this specialized training.  “By aligning our programs and services to meet the needs of state businesses and industries, we not only transform Kentucky, but also transform the lives of Kentucky citizens by enabling them to seek high-growth, high-wage jobs,” said KCTCS President Michael B. McCall.

To ensure the System’s programs align with these training needs, KCTCS has recently launched a new brand aimed at training today’s Kentucky workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.  The Workforce Solutions brand was created after conducting meetings with key business leaders and CEOs across the state and assessing the critical workforce and economic issues that must be addressed in order to transform the state’s economy.

The Clements Group’s (CG) Business Partnership Services is assisting KCTCS in developing these solutions with the Workforce Competitive Initiative.  CG Senior Vice President, Robert LePage, has led a team of consultants working with KCTCS leaders to develop a benchmarking system, provide professional development programs, and facilitate CEO dialog sessions as steps in launching the Workforce Solutions effort.  CG continues to assist KCTCS by conducting industry forums to determine sector-based strategies for labor pool development and incumbent workforce skills improvement.  These forums are conducted with leaders in key industry growth segments such as healthcare, manufacturing, energy, banking and financial services, and construction and trades.

KCTCS’ statewide system of colleges are providing anytime, anyplace customized training and support for more than 5,800 Kentucky companies, providing real opportunities to real people.  The Clements Group is pleased to partner with KCTCS as they transform Kentucky’s economy by transforming the lives of the people who live in it.

For more information on the KCTCS Workforce Solutions Initiative, please visit the website at

December 2009