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Physicians and Lane Community College Open Doors with Successful Campaign

May 2010 – Eugene, Oregon

No one understands the need for well-trained nurses, respiratory technicians and other health care professionals better than doctors. However, success of the Lane Community College (LCC) Opening Doors Physicians Campaign has overwhelmed even its chairman, Terry Carter, MD . "I had no idea what the physician community might do or not do. I thought if we were able to raise $100,000 or $200,000, we'd be doing pretty well. But we've done quite a bit better than that."

The campaign has in fact done quite a bit better. According to the LCC Foundation's 2009 Annual Report to Investors, more than 30 physicians, group practices and other businesses and individuals involved in the health care industry had given $508,940 to LCC's Opening Doors campaign by late January of 2010 and the foundation reports this figure had grown to $720,000 as of May 3, 2010. One of the most significant contributions came from Oregon Cardiology, which made an early gift of $50,000 toward construction of LCC's new Health and Wellness Center. "In cardiology, we are very dependent upon hospital nurses," says Stephen Cook, MD, President of Oregon Cardiology. "To have a resource like this to train those nurses is critical to physicians in all fields, but especially in cardiology. When this opportunity came up, there was really no controversy or discussion at all in our group. It was something we all wanted to do."

Slocum Orthopedics joined the campaign with gifts totaling $100,000—half earmarked for scholarships and half directed toward building construction. "A significant number of our employees got their training at LCC or returned here for further training," states Dr. Thomas Wuest. "LCC is a huge community resource for us."

Another significant contribution came from the Oregon Urology Foundation which contributed $51,588 for simulation equipment that will vastly improve new nurses' ability to perform urologic procedures.

"Working on the Physicians Campaign with Michele Erickson, Campaign Director, and Dr. Carter has been a true joy," notes Dr. Jim Selby, the Clements Group Vice President who advised the campaign. "After brainstorming meeting after meeting on the best ways to approach physicians, Terry suggested we start with physician groups. We developed a standard format for cultivating and soliciting physician groups, and Dr. Carter and his committee found the physicians and medical CEO's to carry out the plan way beyond our expectations."

"We're proud of our physicians and pleased with their recognition that the college is important to a thriving health care community," says Ms. Janet Anderson, Director of the Lane Community College Foundation. "Dr. Carter's leadership has been essential and we were lucky to have the wisdom of Jim Selby, our Clements consultant, to guide the way."

For more information on LCC's Opening Doors Physicians Campaign, please visit the college's website at or contact Janet Anderson, Director, Lane Community College Foundation, at

July 2010