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Citizens Committee on Education Honors Klauber

September 2010 - Owensboro, KY

“Owensboro Community & Technical College President Jim Klauber isn't just focused on improving the school from the inside,” reports Dariush Shafa in the September 15, 2010 issue of the Messenger-Inquirer, “he's focused on building community relationships to make sure local business and enterprise play a role in the process.”

The Messenger-Inquirer reported on a reception held for Klauber by the Citizens Committee on Education. The reception was designed to allow business leaders to get acquainted with the president and learn who will be leading the college and supplying them with an educated workforce.

The article goes on to note that committee co-chair, Forrest Roberts, is aware of the benefits of such networking and community integration. “If people feel a sense of ownership, they become more supportive,” said Roberts.

Jody Wassmer, President of the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, said Klauber's history as an elected representative to the South Carolina General Assembly is a potential key to his success, reported Shafa.

"That's very welcome and that's very needed," Wassmer said. "It's a strong attribute he brings to the job. The more people he knows, the better off he'll be and the better off the community will be.”

Shafa further notes that Klauber believes that what he does will ultimately influence not only how people and businesses view OCTC, but its students and graduates who are potential hires. "One of the jobs of a college president is to represent the college within the community, to be its spokesperson and advocate,” Klauber said. “It's a symbiotic relationship (between education and business). Our college, with its mission, one can't be successful without the other.” Klauber further explained. “In the knowledge-based economy we live in, the key to economic development is a well-trained workforce. We are the on-ramp to the baccalaureate degree on the education superhighway."

"I'm very impressed with his mode of operating and being very accessible," Wassmer said. "I think it's important for any college president to immerse themselves in the community. The buzz about Dr. Klauber is all positive. The community's very impressed with him."

Mr. Robert LePage, CG Senior Vice President and Dr. Roger Slater, CG Senior Consultant, provided service to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System in the development and implementation of a Workforce Competitiveness Initiative.

November 2010


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