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Volunteer State College Foundation’s
“Educate a Woman” Luncheon a Resounding Success

By Johna Strader with contributions from VSCC

Volunteer State College Foundation (Gallatin, TN) held a fundraising luncheon in May to garner support for the Foundation’s scholarships for women. Held at the Bluegrass Country Club in Hendersonville, the no-charge event raised $8,000-$10,000 in less than two hours! Sponsored by Sumner Regional Health Systems, Inc., the luncheon featured special guest speaker Louise Mandrell, who greeted the approximately 200 guests at the door with a handshake and her beautiful smile.

After a lovely lunch, VSCC President Dr. Warren Nichols welcomed the attendees, followed by Ms. Karen Mitchell (VSCC Vice President for Resource Development), who presented a video designed to get the guests laughing. It was then that Ms. Mandrell took the stage, and gave a powerful and moving testimony about the struggles she has been through in life. Relative to the “women helping women” theme, she explained how her girlfriends had helped her through life’s hard times. She opened her time by playing a song on a fiddle, and closed by singing a touching song called “You’re Beautiful”. Her evocative presentation brought tears to the eyes of many!

Following Ms. Mandrell, a scholarship recipient spoke briefly by giving a moving and powerful testimony about how the scholarship had changed her life. She had returned to school at VSCC, but shortly after her first semester, her eleven-year-old son drowned in an accident, and she felt ready to give up. The encouragement she received from her teachers, as well as the receipt of her scholarship, gave her the motivation and funds to continue.

With the poignant stories presented by both speakers, the remaining guests were willing and desiring to make their own contribution to the future success stories of other women, and the result was several new yearly pledges, along with a vast new array of potential donors, for the foundation and VSCC.

For additional information on this event, please contact Karen Mitchell at 615-230-3506 or

There are numerous tried-and-true fundraising methodologies, but it’s always gratifying to hear of one that is not only unique and special to a specific organization, but one that also ignites the “giving flame” in so many others! Kudos to Volunteer State College Foundation for their heart-warming success story; no doubt, next year’s event will be even larger in terms of support and results!

Do you have a fundraising event that has been successful on multiple levels? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact Johna Strader, Director of Marketing Support Services for the Clements Group, at