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Orange County Community College Makes a Difference
in Healthcare Workforce Development

Contributed by SUNY Orange

Orange County Community College—aka SUNY Orange (Middletown, NY), part of the State University of New York—recently teamed their senior level management program MT3 (Managing Team, Time and Task) with Orange Regional Medical Center (ORMC) to improve ORMC’s performance as a healthcare organization, with a primary focus on quality of patient care. The continuing education department of SUNY Orange has also instituted sustainability training, and ORMC is one of the first organizations to benefit from the college’s follow-up to their MT3 program.

In conjunction with the Clements Group, SUNY Orange’s President Bill Richards organized a healthcare forum in 2006 in partnership with ORMC to bring together sixteen Orange County healthcare industry CEOs to discuss issues facing the workforce and Orange County. ORMC is currently in the process of merging two organizations into one, building a new hospital and moving their organization into that new building. “This has been one important step in bringing everybody along on the same page,” expressed Scott Batulis, CEO of ORMC. “We think it’s been very positive for Orange Regional, positive for the college, and positive for everyone involved.”

According to SUNY Orange’s Business Solutions Coordinator Don Green, the 2006 healthcare forum helped reinvent the college’s contract training department. Most community colleges have contract training departments that are focused on an array of specific sectors such as technology training, but Green said the attending healthcare forum CEOs wanted high-end training programs comparable to national provider training. “We, in turn, contracted with trainers and program developers who were comparable to the best in the business,” explained Green.

ORMC began their MT3 training with twenty of the organization’s supervisors; seeing the success of the effort, they then asked SUNY to run the program again for its administrators and the hospital’s executive team, resulting in 160-170 trained leaders. “This program supports our vision by giving our leaders tools that they need to be successful in their jobs, which will ultimately impact patient care in a positive way,” said Deborah Carr, ORMC’s Vice President of Human Resources.

The partnership between SUNY Orange and ORMC was recently featured in the Hudson Valley Business Journal (August 4, 2008, Volume 19, Number 31, page 3); to read an archive of this article, please click here.

For additional information on SUNY Orange’s efforts to build a sustainable workforce development program, please contact Don Green at 845-341-4718 or