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The Institutional Advancement Advantage: The Road Best Traveled

Your First “Best Practices & Institutional Advancement Advantage” Tip

When a best practices and institutional advancement advantage tip arrives in your email inbox, we are confident that you, your institution, and your foundation will benefit from taking a few moments to read the tip, absorb its message, and share the tip with others who share your passion for your organization’s success! Thus, that is our first tip for your consideration:

"Take time to read the tips and consider how you might apply and use them to your advantage, for as W. Edwards Deming is quoted as saying: 'Learning is not compulsory; but then again neither is survival.'"

Summary: Take time to learn


Issue I

Why Am I Recieving This?

As a value-added benefit, the Clements Group will periodically (no more than twice per month) share best practices and tips gathered from the field of Institutional Advancement and Development.

We hope the insights contained in these “emailed extras” will be of value to you as our friends, clients and partners, as well as your institution and your foundation board in furthering your mission. We wish you success as you journey down the Road “Best” Traveled

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