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Grant Implementation Evaluation

What is the Grant Implementation Evaluation?


The Clements Group's Grant Implementation Evaluation provides a third-party appraisal of your grant. Specifically, we provide an evaluator who administers an objective evaluation (using qualitative and quantitative measures) of grant implementation strategies and achievement of objectives while enhancing the overall performance of your project. The resulting assessment is consistent with the "management and administration" goals and objectives of your grant and the criteria established by the funding authority.


How is the Grant Implementation Evaluation Put into Action?


The grant evaluator concentrates on the following five critical areas:

  1. The extent to which activity goals are achieved
  2. The contribution of implementation strategies toward the achievement of objectives
  3. The degree to which the activity is institutionalized, if necessary
  4. Management and personnel
  5. Budget compliance

Based upon a pre-determined schedule, our evaluator provides you with an overall assessment of the project with recommendations for improvement and increased impact. Depending on the scope and length of your grant project, our evaluator provides bi-annual reviews of the objectives, performance indicators, timeline and accomplishments and if necessary recommends corrective actions.


On-site quarterly or bi-annual visits are conducted and include the college president, the project director, the vice president for advancement, all associated resource development staff, program funded personnel, associated committees and (if appropriate) members of your foundation board. The evaluator provides recommendations for the data collection methods, analysis methodologies and report results. In addition, as steering and executive committees are developed for the purposes of project implementation and evaluation, frequent communications, quarterly meetings and exchanges occur.


What are the Outcomes of the Grant Implementation Evaluation?


The outcomes of the Grant Implementation Evaluation include:


  • A bi-annual evaluation of progress based on the major objectives of your grant
  • Recommendations for modifications and changes, providing written verification on a bi-annual basis including a review of time and effort reports, advisory committee minutes and fiscal compliance reports (budget modifications, if necessary)
  • Development of an assessment process detailing all summative and formative processes to include the communication plan, data elements, procedures report and data analysis procedures
  • Monitoring of the implementation of associated activities in accordance with stated timelines and performance indicators
  • An annual external evaluation report (if the project occurs over a period of years).

For additional information on the Grant Implementation Evaluation, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services at


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