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Grant Program Design Service

What is the Grant Program Design Service?


The Clements Group's Grant Program Design service provides you assistance in the planning, writing and/or reviewing of project goals, objectives, methods, administration and management issues, staffing needs and sustainability. Funders place more emphasis on program design than any other section in a grant. As a result, the careful planning and communication of the program design section is essential in developing a winning grant proposal.

How is the Grant Program Design Service Implemented?


Based upon a pre-determined schedule, our consultant works with you to outline the scope of your project. Our team can provide a variety of services based on your specific needs--from a simple review of a written grant proposal to the planning and writing of your grant. We provide you with the appropriate level of expertise and intervention based on your college's specific needs.


Planning Your Grant


Through a series of on-site visits (number dependent on the scope of the grant proposal and project) our consultant works with your team including the college president, chief grants officer, project director, vice president for advancement, all associated resource development staff and program experts affected by the grant to identify and define project goals, objectives, methods, staffing needs, administration and management issues and sustainability of the project.


Writing Your Grant


Based upon the planning completed by your college, our consultant can write your grant according to the guidelines established by the funding entity. Special emphasis is placed on:


  • A succinctly written purpose statement explaining why your college is submitting a proposal
  • How much money is requested
  • How the money will be used
  • The project goals, objectives, methods, staffing, administration and sustainability


Reviewing Your Grant


Our consultant can review your grant proposal’s program design, offering recommendations for improvement and edits. In short, our consultant will determine how well the program description solves the stated problem and will cross-check the activities against goals and objectives to make sure all are included in a clear plan of action with an associated timeline. The timeline is reviewed to see if it is realistic and falls within the grantor’s funding cycle. The sustainability plan is reviewed to determine how your college plans to continue funding the project including future grant requests, private fundraising and any reserve money at the end of the grant period. The following guidelines are used when reviewing and editing your grant:


  • The extent to which activity goals are achieved
  • The contribution of implementation strategies toward the achievement of objectives
  • The degree to which the activity is sustainable
  • Management and personnel
  • Budget compliance


What are the Outcomes of the Grant Program Design Service?


The outcomes of the Grant Program Design service are the planning, writing and/or reviewing of your grant program design including:


  • Purpose statement
  • Explanation of project goals and objectives
  • Explanation of methods
  • Articulation of staff and administration needs
  • Articulation of how the program will remain sustainable upon the conclusion of grant funding
  • Facilitation of the planning process to develop a compelling needs statement, solution, measureable outcomes, plan of action, budget and sustainability plan based on the funder's requirements
  • Written recommendations for modification and change of the grant


For additional information on the Grant Program Design Service, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services at


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