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Grants & Contracts Snapshot

What is the Grants and Contracts Snapshot?


Securing funding from private foundations or federal, state and public agencies is essential as colleges strive to meet growing student and community demands. By fully and effectively leveraging a college's grants development staffing and resources, a college can obtain critical funding to support strategic initiatives. However, many colleges require re-engineering of their current grants operation structure, staffing, systems and/or practices to build a highly successful grants program.


How is the Grants and Contracts Snapshot Implemented?


During the study process, various aspects of the grants procurement operation are reviewed so that a plan of action can be developed to advance the function to its next level of effectiveness. 

The snapshot determines the following:


  • Level of performance in applying for and securing grants
  • Current strengths and challenges related to the procurement of grants
  • Programmatic areas the college should focus on over the next year and the next three to five years
  • Person(s) responsible for researching and evaluating grant opportunities
  • Criteria used to evaluate and prioritize grant opportunities
  • Decision-making process to apply for, develop and submit grants
  • Roles of campus leaders, faculty and professional staff in the grants process
  • Process for development of the grant budget
  • Person(s) responsible and process for implementing the grant and tracking its progress
  • Level of fiscal accountability of the grant-funded project
  • Process for securing approval for budget changes and/or programmatic changes
  • Documentation of the progress/impact of the project related to stated objectives


What are the Outcomes of the Grants and Contracts Snapshot?


The Clements Group provides a comprehensive report and recommendations for immediate action (six months) and a long-term plan for growth and development (three to five years).  As a result of the process, colleges can expect a strengthened grants procurement process that includes:


  • A program that aligns its strategies with college strategic goals, objectives and program solutions
  • An increase in revenue captured by developing a systematic process that identifies, prioritizes and solicits proper funding sources
  • An organizational structure with clearly defined roles and expectations, including allocation of time and resources
  • A system that leverages college leadership, grant staff and faculty to build capacity and increase internal/external collaboration
  • Professional and staff development activities

For additional information on grants and contracts please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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