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Grants Strategic Planning Process

What is the Grants Strategic Planning Process?


The Clements Group's Grants Strategic Planning Process assists your community college system, college and/or foundation to establish strategic direction and define methods to acquire grants funding in support of its new student services and success models, new or redesigned programs and/or enhancement of teaching/learning excellence.


Because grants strategic plans are based on the external environment and the anticipated changes in that environment, you can be proactive rather than reactive as you seek to:


  • Capture new resources through expanded grants and contracts efforts
  • Further support statewide or community institutional and student needs
  • Expand industry and community partnering
  • Accomplish strategic initiatives and drive change
  • Develop new institutional capabilities and capacity


How is the Grants Strategic Planning Process Implemented?


The Grants Strategic Planning Process aligns your institution's strategic direction to community needs in order to identify grants and contracts focus areas, goals and objectives over the next three to five years. The process begins with a review of your institution's current strategic goals, initiatives and grants capacities and capabilities. An interactive workshop is then held with representatives of your administration, the chief development officer and staff, key faculty members and other appropriate staff and can include members from your foundation or community as well. A structured discussion of the merits of various project opportunities leads to consensus on future directions and confirms a course of action. Exploration of alternative strategies enables your institution and its grants and contracts team to focus on those activities that will be most productive.


What are the Outcomes of the Grants Strategic Planning Process?


The Clements Group will provide a grants and contracts strategic plan report and a one-year implementation plan that delineates goals, directions and measures of achievement for your institution. Specifically, the report and plan will:


  • Confirm measures of success
  • Identify and prioritize projects
  • Define budget
  • Define potential funding sources and funding timelines
  • Confirm internal roles, responsibilities and schedule of activities
  • Establish a grants tracking and reporting system to evaluate progress


For additional information on the Grants Strategic Planning Process, please contact Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services, at


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