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Alumni Development Program

Alumni Development Implementation Program Rationale


Activities associated with alumni development are important elements in a community college's institutional advancement program. Not only is this endeavor a significant way to raise funds but it is an equally important way to enhance volunteerism, establish additional relationships throughout the service area and advance awareness of your college's programs and services, which can result in significant returns for many years.


The Clements Group (CG) has been dedicated to serving the resource development and institutional advancement needs of community and technical colleges for over 25 years. We understand these unique institutions and have created the CG Alumni Development Implementation Program to meet the specific needs of these institutions. We start by assessing where you are and creating a plan of action that builds upon your current strengths and maximizes your opportunities for success. Then based upon your specific needs, we provide counsel and advice as you implement this important program.


Alumni Development Assessment Components


The CG Alumni Development Implementation Program begins with an assessment, which will provide you with a preliminary evaluation of the components of a successful alumni program that increases alumni giving, planned giving society membership, alumni activity participation, alumni enrollment in lifelong learning and college advocacy actions. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the present levels of effectiveness and productivity of your current alumni strategy and to provide you with a blueprint for the implementation of a model program in support of your college's mission, goals and objectives that is designed to maximize all opportunities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Through the assessment we will evaluate the following:

  • Alumni program development mission and vision
  • Alumni program development organization structure, staffing and roles
  • Alumni awareness, giving and advocacy objectives
  • Alumni fundraising methodologies, strategies and tools
  • Alumni marketing and communication strategies and tactics
  • Alumni social activities and special events


The assessment involves a number of in-person, confidential interviews with the chief executive officer, resource development officer, administrators, staff, foundation leadership, alumni association leaders and key alumni. A customized alumni development plan of action is crafted based on information gathered through these interviews, from a brief overview of records and reports and from our experience in working with other community and technical colleges throughout the country.


At the conclusion of the assessment, CG will facilitate a planning retreat that includes your president, development staff, foundation board members and alumni association leadership (if applicable). The purpose of this retreat is to share the results of your assessment and solidify your alumni development plan including goals and objectives, specific development strategies, roles, implementation timelines and measures of success in support of your college's mission, goals and objectives.


Alumni Development Assessment Outcomes


  • The outcomes of the Alumni Development Assessment include:
  • A thorough and objective appraisal of your current alumni development program, alumni association and alignment of college and foundation efforts
  • A five-year plan and one-year implementation schedule for your alumni program based upon the mission, goals and objectives of your college
  • Targeted strategies for alumni development prioritization, segmentation, prospect research, cultivation and solicitation
  • Recommendations to strengthen alumni messages and communication to increase awareness, knowledge, direct involvement and advocacy of your college
  • Defined steps for planned giving and alumni online-giving over the next five years
  • Recommendations and guidelines to continually enhance an effective alumni development function linked to your foundation and college efforts


For additional information on our alumni development program, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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