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Resource Development Assessment

Resource Development Assessment Program Rationale


A Resource Development Assessment (RDA) is a preliminary evaluation of the six characteristics of a successful private-sector resource development program. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate the present effectiveness and productivity of the institutional advancement operation and to provide a blueprint for the implementation of an effective and productive program in support of the college’s mission, goals, and objectives.


The method of the Resource Development Assessment involves a number of in-person, confidential interviews with the college’s resource development officer and staff; chief executive officer and other selected administrators; selected members of other employee groups; and selected members of the foundation and, if possible and appropriate, governing boards. The subsequent training program is based on information gathered through these interviews, from a brief overview of records and reports, and from the consultant’s experience with other community and technical colleges throughout the country.


Resource Development Assessment Program Components


The purpose of the development assessment is to determine the present effectiveness and productivity of the foundation board and institutional advancement operation. A board retreat can be provided to initiate a program plan in support of the college's mission, goals, and objectives.


The components evaluated include:


  • The college and its foundation
  • Private-sector fundraising
  • Foundation roles and responsibilities
  • Foundation mission and vision
  • Special events
  • Strategic planning
  • Public relations/imaging
  • Grants and contracts
  • Alumni activities/cultivation


Effectiveness is measured against the six components of a successful resource development program:

  1. The essential need
  2. The compelling case for support
  3. Leadership, properly enlisted/trained
  4. The prospect research program
  5. The fundraising plan of action
  6. Sound management of the process

Resource Development Assessment Program Outcomes


The outcomes of the resource development assessment include:


  • A thorough and objective appraisal of the resource development program and foundation board
  • A tailor-made and interactive retreat designed to initiate a plan of action addressing the development assessment findings
  • The initiation of a flexible financing plan based upon the mission, goals, and objectives of the college
  • Recommendations and guidelines to continually enhance an effective resource development function and foundation board
  • Strategies for strengthening prospect research, planned giving, annual giving, and special giving over the next five years


The recommendations of the development assessment form the basis for a plan of action to strengthen the organization's private-sector resource development function over the next five-year period.


For additional information on the resource development assessment service, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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