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Foundation Board Development

Board Development Rationale


Upon completion of a successful Foundation Board Development program, your institution can expect to have obtained successful strategies for carrying out the major components of an effective resource development program, including annual giving/special events, friend-raising, planned giving, strategic planning, and major gifts campaigns.   


Board Development Retreat


A board development retreat is generally conducted over a one-day period.  Possible topics for presentation and discussion include:

  1. An Overview of Philanthropy in America
  2. Six Components for Successful Fundraising
  3. The Foundation Board, including:
    • Relationship between the foundation board and the governing board
    • Board goals and objectives
    • Motives for board participation
    • Mission, vision, and values
    • Board member evaluation
    • Personal goal setting
    • Board skills inventory
    • Profiles of board members
    • Profiles of board demographics
    • Criteria for new board members
    • Strategic visioning and needs analysis
    • Board plan of action

Board Development Outcomes


By the end of the day, participants will:

  1. Have a clear overview of philanthropy in America, particularly at the two-year college level
  2. Know what it takes to create a fully-functioning, successful foundation board
  3. Understand the components of a comprehensive resource development program
  4. Understand the steps necessary to develop a plan to enhance foundation board effectiveness
  5. Understand the foundation board’s role in all institutional advancement efforts and initiatives
  6. Understand the six essential components for a successful fundraising program and how they should be applied
  7. Have a process in place that will result in the development and execution of an institutional advancement strategic plan and flexible financing plan designed to assist the college in supporting its mission and advancing its vision

For additional information on the foundation board development service, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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