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Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Rationale


A Feasibility Study (FS) provides your institution with the resource information, preliminary cultivation of significant prospects, and recommendations necessary to plan and implement a successful major gifts campaign.  The Feasibility Study analyzes four requirements vital to a successful major gifts campaign, including:


  • Program appeal
  • Availability of financial support
  • Leadership
  • Campaign framework


The Feasibility Study (also sometimes called an "implementation study") is neither a poll nor a survey.  It provides the information necessary to prepare a plan of campaign that will organize the people and the programs to maximize the institution's success.  Seeking the advice and counsel of those people whose time, energy, and money would be essential in a major gifts campaign before they are asked to work and contribute is the key to success, and the feasibility study begins this cultivation.


The feasibility study is specifically designed to aid your institution in formulating:


  • A compelling case for support
  • A plan of campaign
  • A realistic and attainable goal
  • A realistic schedule
  • Potential campaign leaders
  • Potential campaign donors


Feasibility Study Program Process


The feasibility study consists of confidential, one-on-one interviews with internal groups (faculty, administration, and staff) and significant community leaders (including board members).  Each interview is approximately one hour long.  The consultant asks each interviewee for opinions and advice on a variety of topics, such as:


  • The role of the institution within the community
  • The importance of the institution’s proposed projects
  • The proposed goal
  • Potential donors and leaders
  • Campaign timing
  • Their willingness to serve in a campaign
  • Their willingness to contribute
  • The priority of the institution’s needs as compared to other community needs
  • Any other factors that might influence the success of a major gifts campaign


Feasibility Study Program Outcomes


When the interviews have been completed, the Clements Group prepares a comprehensive written report, which includes:


  • An introduction and method of study
  • Findings and conclusions
  • Recommendations


Using the findings of the feasibility study, the Clements Group will outline a customized approach for a successful major gifts campaign and develop a set of specialized recommendations, including:


  • A targeted (working) goal
  • A recommended campaign timeline
  • Campaign projects with high community appeal
  • Strategies for building awareness
  • A preliminary listing of individuals and organizations considered to have gift potential
  • A preliminary listing of campaign leaders (community “eagles”)


The Clements Group’s experience proves that conducting a major gifts campaign is the most cost-effective way for two-year colleges to realize success.  The average return on investment for a CG major gifts campaign client is $24 for every $1 invested.


For additional information on the feasibility study service, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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