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Major Gifts Campaign

Major Gifts Campaign Rationale


Upon completion of a successful Major Gifts Campaign (MGC), not only can your institution expect to raise a substantial sum in cash and pledges, but you will also achieve the following objectives:


  • Linking the resource development efforts to the strategic needs of the institution
  • Providing for major gifts solicitation on an ongoing basis
  • Selecting, enlisting, and training a cadre of dedicated volunteers for both the
  • MGC and an ongoing resource development program
  • Building stronger and deeper, mutually beneficial partnerships with local business and industry
  • Developing a pool of potential future members for the foundation and governing boards
  • Laying the groundwork for the next MGC with a higher goal
  • Further training your development staff in successful fundraising strategies and methodologies
  • Enhancing your annual giving appeals
  • Enhancing your planned giving program


MGC Process


A major gifts campaign is generally conducted over a 21- to 36-month period.  The timing of the institution’s ongoing programs and services, as well as other community-based activities, events, and fundraising efforts, are taken into consideration when the detailed plan of campaign is established.


The Clements Group (CG) employs a “teach, mentor, train” approach to consultation, whereby the college development staff and leadership are trained in all aspects of campaign management, reducing the need for consultation services as the systemic process moves forward.  A member of CG’s professional team is carefully selected to serve as the college’s primary consultant, taking into consideration the level of experience, nature of the institution, personality traits, and general “fit” with the institutional atmosphere.  Onsite consultation visits are scheduled to meet the client’s needs, with additional consultation available to support campaign efforts weekly via telephone, email, web-cast, and videoconference.


We understand that each community and technical college client is unique.  Each has its distinctive constituents, pockets of excellence, communities and service areas, funding needs, and demographics.  Therefore, the fundraising process is individually tailored to fully capitalize upon these differences.


MGC Outcomes


Here is what you can expect from the Clements Group when utilizing our campaign consulting services:


  • 21 months (or more) of training, counsel, research, problem-solving, and advice
  • Scheduled onsite consultation visits to meet client needs, in addition to continued telephone, email, web-cast, fax, and teleconference support
  • Weekly reporting to monitor and evaluate campaign progress
  • Access to the CG professional team, all of whom have significant experience in private-sector fundraising for community and technical colleges
  • A process refined by hundreds of past clients that maximizes the efficiency of staff and volunteer time
  • A complete master manual (hard copy and electronic) containing procedures and samples for implementing all aspects of campaign management
  • Presentation modules to be used during volunteer training sessions
  • Access to multiple samples of various materials developed by other successful CG clients
  • Access to a network of CG clients who have experienced the trials and victories of campaign

Currently, CG clients are involved in campaigns with goals ranging from $2 million to over $80 million for a wide variety of initiatives.


The Clements Group’s experience proves that conducting a major gifts campaign is the most cost-effective way for two-year colleges to realize success.  The average return on investment for a CG major gifts campaign client is over $100 for every $4 invested.


For additional information on the major gifts campaign service, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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