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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Rationale


The Clements Group’s Strategic Planning (SP) service is an established process that enables a college (and/or foundation) to identify strategic goals and objectives, determine the strategies they will implement in order to achieve those goals, and determine the most critical strategic needs over the next three to five years.  The plan is based on the anticipated changes in the organization’s external environment.  These changes will impact the manner in which the organization seeks to achieve its vision and accomplish its mission.  The organization can then develop a flexible financing plan that describes how it will acquire the resources necessary to implement the plan and finance their critical needs.  The process is participatory and can include members of the community as well as representatives of the foundation and/or college.


SP Process


Why should we embark on a strategic planning process?


  • The college/foundation currently does not have a plan or direction for its future.
  • The strategic plan may be used as the first step toward a major gifts campaign.
  • A new president may use a strategic plan as a way to develop a shared vision for the college.
  • The completion of a major gifts campaign may prompt the college/foundation to consider how to best direct its efforts over the next three to five years.
  • A plan may be needed in order to fulfill accreditation requirements.


From the perspective of fundraising, a strategic plan and the planning process make certain that all members of the institution are knowledgeable about its goals.  The college/foundation and its advocates can make a compelling case for support because they understand the critical needs and what will be necessary to be successful.


Strategic Planning Outcomes


In addition to the benefits of acquiring a plan that sets goals, directions, and measures of achievement for an organization, the process of developing a strategic plan also provides several other significant benefits:


  • A structured discussion of the merits of various opportunities leads to consensus on future directions as well as agreement on the underlying principles that will shape the college and/or foundation's mission and values.
  • Exploration of alternative strategies enables the college/foundation to focus on those activities that will be the most productive.  It also ensures that the scarce resources of dollars, time, space, and creativity will be used effectively.
  • Because strategic plans are based on the external environment and the anticipated changes in that environment, the organization can be proactive rather than reactive.  It can embrace change and take full advantage of the opportunities that change will present rather than work frantically to respond to an acute, but unanticipated, need.
For additional information on the strategic planning service, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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