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Business Partnership Development

Business Partnership Development Program Rationale


Business Partnership Development (BPD) is a core service of the Clements Group that includes mentoring of the business and corporate training officer at the college, identifying key industries, and conducting a series of industry forums to identify anticipated changes in the industry and to define workforce needs.


The process provides information that the college can use to identify opportunities for customized training, assess the relevance of current curricula, and identify unmet industry needs.


Business Partnership Development activities complement the college's resource development program by demonstrating the institution's ability to be a "business friendly" organization.  It can be incorporated into the major gifts campaign process or be a stand alone service for those colleges eager to launch or revitalize their business and corporate training services.


Business Partnership Development Program Components


The Business Partnership Development program can significantly enhance the image of the college and its visibility with key community and business leaders.  Services include:


  • Mentoring and training of the business and corporate training officer in the development of a business plan that targets key industries
  • Identifying the five key industries in the service area and the leading firms in each industry
  • Conducting a series of industry forums that bring together key leaders to forecast change and define their human resource needs
  • Developing a comprehensive report on each forum to be shared with attendees
  • Training in strategies of effective follow up with participants on identified needs
  • Collecting information and identifying opportunities to cultivate prospects for major gifts


Business Partnership Development Program Outcomes


By implementing the business partnership development process, the college can expect to enhance significantly the success of its efforts and programs in relation to:


  • Planning and managing product mix, time, and territory
  • Identifying and qualifying corporate and non-profit prospects
  • Identifying and qualifying community and foundation prospects
  • Quantifying organizational and business needs
  • Identifying specific information about training needs
  • Developing and presenting proposals and solutions
  • Addressing partnering objections and concerns
  • Assisting in securing commitments and contracts
  • Providing strategies to implement programs and serve the partner


Additional significant outcomes of the business partnership development process:


  • Win-win joint projects (funded) with business and industry
  • Endowed faculty positions/faculty development opportunities
  • Enhanced internship/co-op opportunities
  • Enhanced and natural transition of graduates into the workforce
  • Joint participation in funded grant development
  • Adjunct teaching opportunities for industry professionals
  • Prototyping, development, and integration of new technology
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • Enhanced opportunities for attracting high-caliber high school graduates
  • Industry-driven and industry-funded professional training/development programs


For additional information on the business partnership development service, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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