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Corporate Training: Incumbent Workforce Rationale

Providing corporate training services to meet growing business and industry competiveness, employee performance, and operation improvement pressures is a major workforce challenge facing colleges today. The challenges will escalate over the next five to ten years as employers strive to increase output just as the baby boomer generation retires. Industry and colleges must collaborate to continuously gage climate, define and repair specific employee performance improvement skill gaps, and participate in implementing operational performance improvement steps. Furthermore, colleges must prepare for new and expanding roles as more employers are seeking corporate training career development pathways solutions that will allow a company to confidently promote employees from within in the future.


Meeting evolving corporate client demands will requires colleges to effectively, efficiently, and systematically manage corporate training staffing and resources. For a college to significantly increase the number of corporate clients and level of contracts awarded requires methodical sales development activities and accountability related to prospecting, client needs assessment, scope of work, and proposal activities.


Well devised and customized training solutions, project design, implementation management, and evaluation systems enable colleges to achieve success. Consulting services are aligned to the three categories and solutions tailored to each college’s needs. Delivery methods may include seminars, snap shot assessment, plan of action, or comprehensive coaching services that provide immediate actions, operational tools, professional development, and reporting to achieve performance indicators and measures of success.


Program Components


  • Reviewing desired outcomes, barriers to success, organizational structure, internal team member roles, measures of success, and progress evaluation and reporting
  • Profiling the service region’s industry base and identification of top corporate training client prospects • Aligning corporate sales pipeline targets to strategic goals, objectives, subject matter, and expert (instructor) staffing requirements
  • Mapping to determine operational administrative effectiveness process improvement areas and re-allocation of staffing time and resources to improve workflow and output
  • Defining the department’s current strengths and challenges related to corporate sales development efforts and completion of key activities for each step in the sales process
  • Instituting effective marketing and communication activities to increase the number of corporate client discovery sales meetings


Program Outcomes


  • Sales strategies to increase the number of new corporate contract clients captured and repeat customer purchase levels • Diversify and increase industry sector penetration
  • Define each sector’s high-growth occupational outlook and employee performance improvement needs and partnering opportunities
  • Refine the process of evaluating corporate client needs, build return on investment oriented scope of workforce solutions, develop impact oriented return on investment proposals, and win successful solutions
  • Implement sales planning tools and steps to track, identify, prioritize, and solicit corporate training contracts
  • Practice complete project management of awarded corporate contracts including implementation systems and progress tracking
  • Development and evaluation of outcomes to provide accountability of the project’s impact
  • Enhancement of performance in applying for government-funded workforce grants and partnering with trade organizations


For additional information on our Corporate Training - Incumbent Workforce service, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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