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Community & Workforce Competitiveness Visioning

Program Rationale


The Community and Workforce Comptetitive Visioning process works to insure alignment of a region’s workforce and economic development vision to a community college’s current and future programs and services. During this process, the Clements Group will assist in developing, facilitating, documenting, and analyzing internal and external dialogue sessions.

Internal sessions will bring together members of the college’s leadership team, faculty, staff, and board members. The external sessions will be composed of a representative group of community, political, social, and business leaders in the college’s service area. Both groups will be asked to respond to a series of questions related to the region’s current economic status, occupational outlook, specific workforce needs, partnership development methods, quality of life considerations, and employee performance. In some cases, the groups may clearly identify alignment of specific community needs that might be addressed by the college’s current programs, services, or workforce training programs. In other cases, the college may need professional development, curriculum, or other instructional materials that would enhance the ability to address the area’s unaligned needs.


Program Components


The Clements Group develops a customize approach that is tailored to each college and community. In general the process includes:


  • Review of the college’s current strategic plan and program capabilities
  • Review of the regional economic development and workforce development plan
  • Identification of areas to gather additional information from community leaders in order to position the college for future efforts
  • Development of support materials
  • Facilitation of external and internal sessions
  • Preparation of an executive summary and report of the findings, including subsections of internal and external findings and recommendations
  • Collaboration with the college’s leadership team to identity workforce development and program and service action steps


Program Outcomes


  • Increase awareness of the college’s impact on employment, the economy, and the quality of life within the region
  • Establish a sustainable, systematic approach to gather counsel from community, business, and industry leaders linked to workforce, economic development, and quality of life considerations
  • Align, expand, or create outreach plans to strategic targeted local and regional industries in order to expand labor pool development and incumbent workforce strategies
  • Create or enhance awareness of current programs and services with top executive leaders to identify and secure new partnership opportunities
  • Develop community, business, and industry partnership advancement concepts and outreach action plan for current and new programs that address specific issues based on the counsel and advice provided by recognized leaders
  • Identify alternative funding and financing strategies including grant, foundation, and government contracts, as well as private-sector strategies for workface and economic development oriented programs and services

For additional information on the community and workforce visioning process, please send inquiries via email to Amy Pollock, Associate Vice-President of Programs and Services:


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