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Workforce Development Services

Business Partnership Development


Business Partnership Development (BPD) is a core service of the Clements Group that includes mentoring of the business and corporate training officer at the college, identifying key industries, and conducting a series of industry forums to identify anticipated changes in the industry and to define workforce needs.  The process provides information that the college can use to identify opportunities for customized training, assess the relevance of current curricula, and identify unmet industry needs.

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Community and Workforce Competitiveness Visioning


The Community and Workforce Visioning process works to insure alignment of a region’s workforce and economic development vision to a community college’s current and future programs and services. During this process, the Clements Group will assist in developing, facilitating, documenting, and analyzing internal and external dialogue sessions.

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Corporate Training - Incumbent Workforce


Providing corporate training services to meet growing business and industry competiveness, employee performance, and operation improvement pressures is a major workforce challenge facing colleges today. The challenges will escalate over the next five to ten years as employers strive to increase output just as the baby boomer generation retires. Industry and colleges must collaborate to continuously gage climate, define and repair specific employee performance improvement skill gaps, and participate in implementing operational performance improvement steps. Furthermore, colleges must prepare for new and expanding roles as more employers are seeking corporate training career development pathways solutions that will allow a company to confidently promote employees from within in the future.

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